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The Park to Park managed precinct includes properties on Marine Drive extending from Durban View Park to the northern boundary of Eastmoor Crescent. The PTP was established by property owners based on the neighbouring Umhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) success with improving safety and security, cleaning, greening and environmental management of Umhlanga’s public areas and the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve. These improvements have directly translated into secured property values and enhanced quality of life for residents, tourists and visitors to Umhlanga.

The PTP is a non-profit entity constituted by a committee of property owners who are committed to a safe, clean, green and well managed neighbourhood. Our administration is professionally undertaken by Attlee Agency. The Park to Park Precinct is associated with the Umhlanga UIP’s and shares the service providers which provide the security, cleaning and greening services. The PTP has also benefitted from the UIP’s official status as a service provider partner to the eThekwini Municipality and the PTP remains extremely grateful to the SAPS for the wonderful help and support that they have received.

The PTP and UIPs have played an influential role in the recent upgrade of the southern promenade and improvement to Marine Drive, which included the traffic calming circle at Durban View Park and adjacent speed tables. These interventions have visibly slowed traffic in this previous high-speed area, making it safer and improving security by slowing access to and away from the managed area.

The PTP have two security personnel patrolling Marine Drive to include Loerie Crescent and Burnham Drive, plus an additional evening guard on the beach. PTP utilise the “bloodhound” monitoring system to monitor that these staff members are patrolling the designated areas and at the correct intervals. All the security staff are managed and coordinated by Messrs Enforce as part of the overall UIP security structure. Signage has also been erected in the area to identify the PTP Precinct and to display the PTP 24/7 Emergency Response number.

Park to Park also puts considerable time and effort into greening and cleaning the precinct. The PTP employs two full time gardeners to green and clean the precinct. There is an ongoing sand dune rehabilitation project which has involved planting hundreds of indigenous plants and trees. This has resulted in the restoration and the protection of the wildlife and the beautiful surrounding area.

Membership is entirely voluntary, with members contributing an average of R500.00 per month per household. PTP meets quarterly with an active and enthusiastic team.